Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year, New You

It's that time of year again, when the tube is flooded with ads for nicotine patches and weight-loss programs. Here are some grooming tips that will make you better off, and are easy to keep up with even after your resolution-guilt fades:

Twice-a-day keeps the oil away:
We have bad memories of our moms restraining us with one arm and smothering our 4-year-old faces in a saliva-dampened hanky. Result: We don't wash our faces nearly enough. Aim for at least twice a day--first thing in the morning and then again every night.
Wash after your workout, too. (Try Billy Jealousy Bar None Face Wash)

Use a scrub twice-a-week:
Facial scrubs contain fine abrasives that gently exfoliate dead skin cells. They make your complexion look healthy and vigorous, as if you've just come in from doing something a lot more fun than office work. (We recommend Sharps Daily Prep Foaming Scrub)

Maintain moisture, soldier.
Moist skin both looks better and protects you more effectively. When you wash your face, you stimulate the oil glands, which keep your skin moist. That offers better defense against pollutants that can block pores, contributing to acne and infections. Apply a moisturizer every morning. (Check out MenScience Advanced Face Lotion)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

For the Sensitive Man

Here's a question we often get from our users: "My skin nicks pretty easily, and then burns after I shave. Is there a shave cream that will help?"

Let's see Mr. Sensitive. Lots of men find that shaving goes more smoothly when they use an aloe- or glycerin-based shave cream (try Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel). These soothe your skin and put wings on your razor. Massage the cream in and then go chill for a few minutes (check your fantasy football team, flip on The Golf Channel, etc.) while the shave cream softens your beard. Shave with the grain, then against it, and follow up with a vitamin-enriched aftershave balm (Anthony Aftershave Balm) instead of an alcohol-based aftershave.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Soap bars... details, details, details

I was visting a friend in Chelsea (Manhattan) over the weekend for a get together dinner, and he had one cool bathroom in his condo. From the towels, to the lit candles this friend was all about the details; even all the way down to the soap dish and soap bar. I noticed he had two soap bars on the counter, one for hand washing but the other specific to his face. The all-purpose soaps like Lever 2000 are great if you've been working in the yard or in the garage, but go with the great stuff like soap bars from Sharps or Baxter with it's multi-vitamin composition.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

What's in your medicine cabinet?

The medicine cabinet is really a peak into your life. Are you a mess; are you generic; do you take care of yourself; are you active? You think no one looks in your medicine cabinet, but even your best of friends have an overwhelming curiosity. Gone are the dorm days of college where you stuffed cotton swabs and condoms in there. You've got a life, a job and a lot of other things going for you. Don't let a medicine cabinet undermine your image. Stock it up with great grooming products, like Baxter, Billy Jealousy or Jack Black and you'll impress your friends for sure.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Drink water to hydrate and moisturize your skin

I said in an earlier post that I suffer from terribly dry skin in the winter. I always thought water was the way, so I'd shower forever and splash water on my face in the restroom. I also drank a ton of water. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily keep the skin moist. The outermost layer of your skin is really dead skin and does not absorb water that well. Moisture level of skin is influenced by external factors. So moisturize and keep drinking water.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Men of outdoors

Whether it's on the slopes of Whistler, fishing in Alaska or simply driving the back roads in wine country, you like the outdoors and it likes you. Men are outdoors more often than women, and therefore you're battling the elements more. Unfortunately, you can't escape the sun, debris, toxins and pollutants, and you can't escape the inevitable... aging. That makes it tough to maintain skin elasticity, so look for products that will tone your skin and apply at least 3-5x week.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What part of your face or head is most missed when applying sunblock?

People always forget to apply sunblock to their ears. After a day of golf you'll feel the heat around your ears and your buddies will call you randolph the red ear reindeer.